How to Use Visual Content to Drive More Traffic to Your Blog

Check out the latest data and infographic indicating how to use visual content to drive more traffic to your blog.

BuzzSumo has used their data research to find a content marketing sweet spot. Their latest findings (as of May 21, 2015) tells us that picture list posts are right in the middle of the sweet spot and a content marketer’s secret weapon.

Steve Rayson, a BuzzSumo owner and director (@steverayson), reports on their findings on Canva’s design school website. The following is an excerpt he writes to explain to you a bit more on what are picture list posts.

Picture List Posts – What Are They? 

“A picture list post is a series of curated images that delivers value through the combination of images. We like images but we equally like narrative and context. Picture list posts have a clear purpose for example:

Telling a story. We are hardwired to tell and remember stories. Picture List posts combine those two natural impulses into one format. A picture list post can create a narrative through a series of images. I can tell a story about fashion simply by posting pictures of my clothes and my hair over the last 30 years!

Making comparisons. Picture list posts make it easy to draw comparisons through a series of related images. These might be ‘before and after’ or a series of pictures over time.

Demonstrating how to do a task. Picture list posts can make it easy to follow a process or complete a task. These range from how to bake a cake through to using the new features in Google analytics.

Curating ideas. One of my favorite forms of picture list posts are those that help me brainstorm ideas quickly and provide me with inspiration. These might be 10 great landing page designs or 10 garden design ideas.”

How To Use Images To Skyrocket Your Blog Traffic: A Case Study Of 100 Million Articles [Infographic]



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