Advanced Business Consulting includes Personal and Professional Guidance

Learn how to build great strategic plans with the team dynamics needed to succeed.

Often in a relationship between and independent contractor and client an independent contractor can see not just how to grow a business and then work to match operations and budget to carry it out; but they also see the internal workings of leaders and the team dynamics that is holding them back from the most growth and harmony they could achieve while in business. These problems often fall outside the scope of the contractor and can often negatively impact the work the contractor performs if they address the intra and inter personal dynamics amongst the company that is blocking or slowing down their success. It is for that reason that Brand Awakening has brought in to its partnership a professional team that can work out these problems.

But that’s not all. As in so many businesses there are business partnerships and married partners or marriage partners involved in a business (indirectly). The strength of these partner dynamics can make or break the businesses progress. Often the dynamics between partners involved over time develop walls and communications or legal blocks that put business affairs at a stand still.


The Amazing Clarks having a proprietary method that brings business and life partners closer together to over come what seems like insurmountable problems.

Or sometimes there are mis-alignments that if could just be re-aligned could lead to greater abundance in the business and in the relationship. This is where Brand Awakening in partnership with the Amazing Clarks steps in to help dis-armor co-workers, life partners and business partners to build new bridges of hope and action plans that brings people closer together and in harmony to better get on with strategically building their businesses and help their partnerships succeed.

We applaud business persons that recognize this issue and come to us for help. We stand ready to help them address these issues.

Contact us today to help you work with this issue. We are sensitive to your concerns about approaching this matter. We keep these matters confidential.