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Liam Blume

Liam Blume

Founder & President of Brand Awakening

Business, Branding and Marketing Specialist

For decades, Liam has been involved in visioning, strategically planning and matching operations for businesses to succeed; including the Hallmark Channel, Candle Cafe, and (it) magazine. His real-world work experience brings added benefit to his consulting practice. He advises and carries out coaching & leadership development, sales, branding, marketing, advertising and product/business development activities. Activities that include: web, mobile and app development, SEO, e-commerce, and inbound marketing (such as social media and reputation building). He also provides still and video production needs for small businesses on gorilla budgets to major productions for projects that require big budget resources.

His industry experience includes medical/behavioral healthcare, finance, real estate, entertainment, sports, telecommunications, production, retail, restaurants – food products, auto, jewelry, hair care & salon, plus over 80 religious and non-profit organizations (i.e., education, outreach, media, health).

He brings additional perspective from his experience in Asset – Risk Management: Previously licensed to practice in real estate, insurance, securities, and commodities trading.

Learn more about his Therapy, Coaching, and Leadership Training programs.

Liam resides in Los Angeles, CA. In between family time and non-profit work you’ll find Liam out on the tennis/pickleball court or biking by the beach. All for building up an appetite to BBQ up a storm with family and friends!

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Ross Dunn

Ross Dunn

Head of SEO & SEM

Ross Dunn is the CEO and founder of StepForth Web Marketing Inc, a web marketing company founded in 1997 and based in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

Ross is a Certified Internet Marketing and Business Strategist (CIMBS) with a background in web and graphic design. His broad Internet experience in combination with a talented staff has made StepForth a name synonymous with top results. Over the years Ross has provided search engine optimization (SEO) and consultation services for the likes of Time Inc. Interactive in NY, Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, and hundreds of reputable smaller businesses such as Prince of Whales Whale Watching. Last but not least, he is the host of the popular weekly Internet radio show and podcast SEO 101 on WebmasterRadio.FM where he regularly discusses the latest SEO and online marketing strategies with his co-host, John Carcutt; a fellow early pioneer in SEO.

Shawn Laska

Shawn Laska

Head of Production & Creative Services

President & Head of Production at The Agency
Shawn has over 20 years of experience producing and overseeing all facets of union and non-union commercial production. Clients have included Intel, American Society of Plastic Surgeons, Samsung, MTV, Bell Helicopters, Living Spaces, FEMA and Cristophe Professional among many others. Previous to starting The Agency Advertising Group, Shawn also worked as a Broadcast Engineer for ESPN, E!, and ABC Network for the OJ Simpson Trial. This production experience in intense, fast-paced environments, working with limited budgets, has contributed to our companies’ ability to deliver production services that speak to the needs of today’s marketplace.

Robin Sharp

Robin Sharp

Media Buyer & Marketing Strategy

Robin Sharp is the Founder and CEO of Sharp Media, Inc. She is a seasoned, dynamic, media-buying machine, with the media clout and the ability to optimize her client’s dollars, giving Brand Awakening a leg-up on other media buying companies.

Robin believes that building loyal and trusted relationships with clients and media vendors, deep knowledge of the marketplace, and stellar service are important for success. But most importantly, it is to deliver! When it comes to advertising & media buying, Robin is unstoppable!

Eric Johnston

Eric Johnston

Behavioral Health Business Strategist

With 20 years of Sales & Marketing and Operations experience in a variety of industries, Eric has had the opportunity to learn from start up companies, as well as large corporate environments. This vast experience has given him a broad depth of knowledge and understanding about how businesses operate on many different levels. Operationally minded, Eric has developed a unique skill set to help organizations with strategic planning through the creative process of marketing and business development, while streamlining workflow efficiencies to create a better quality of customer service and increasing overall productivity. Putting all these pieces together to best meet the needs of his clients is Eric’s mission.

Eric‘s true passion is in the behavioral health and addiction treatment field. He is the President of the Men’s Association for Addiction Treatment - MAAT. He has worked on the ground floor of treatment centers as well as the business side of treatment. Understanding all aspects of the industry is what led Eric to make Brand Awakening the vehicle that helps treatment centers execute on their visions, providing quality care to people that are struggling.

When he isn’t working, you can find Eric on a golf course or hanging out with his wife and son at the beach, or on a playground.

Jerry Mateo

Jerry Mateo

Graphic Designer

Jerry Mateo is a graphic designer and artist based out of Los Angeles. He specializes in branding, typography, print design, motion graphics, illustrations and web graphics. He shares, “My job is to tell stories and communicate values.”

He graduated from Cal State Dominguez Hills with a Bachelors degree in design and motion graphics.

Gema Interiano

Gema Interiano

Producer and Editor, Graphic Design

Gema Interiano was born and raised in Guatemala City, Guatemala and moved to Los Angeles in 2008 to pursue a career in film. She attended The Los Angeles Film School in Hollywood, where she majored in production/post-production and graduated in 2010. Since then, she has been working for various film, TV, documentary and video production companies as a young, upcoming female producer and film editor. Gema has produced several award winning short films. As an editor, she has worked on music documentaries and specials that have aired on networks such as CBS, PBS and TCM UK. For Gema, working as a video editor has also meant broadening her skill sets to other visual worlds, such as graphic design, which she enjoys.

Melanie Clark, LCIOCO (Business/Life Coach)

Melanie Clark, LCIOCO (Business/Life Coach)

Our Dental Business Consultant Specialist

Owner, Clark Dental Consulting
Melanie has been transforming people’s lives and their businesses since her start in 1997 and subsequent growth as a life coach, business coach, and relationship coach. Her companies and Academy utilize and train people with an original, progressive, scientifically & spiritually integrated model that has empowered and transformed thousands of lives and businesses. Leaving people both enlightened, inspired and on an action oriented path for getting the most out of life and their business endeavors. She is a Dr. Drew Pinskey’s Honorary Life Changers Award recipient and can be seen in media regularly. Sometimes a business and their leaders need help with internal affairs to have a full Brand Awakening in their business. That is when we bring Melanie in to help unblock people issues in a business and with their leaders. Thanks Melanie!

Michael Lambe

Michael Lambe

Head of Dental Industry Web Design and Marketing Services

As the son of a dentist, with other family members in dentistry, choosing to build his own company around the dental profession was a natural choice!

Michael oversees Sales, Program Management, SEO, and partner / client relationships. He is the heart of the company and it is his heart, which makes everyone that’s part of the business feel like family.

Michael has a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology and has worked in the Internet and computing field since 1996. He spent a good part of his career working in IT as a government contractor, then as a Systems Analyst.

In his “down time”, he enjoys spending time with family and getting outside hiking, biking, golfing, fishing…and trying to learn guitar.

Andrew Bernhart

Andrew Bernhart

Vice President of Marketing, Specializing in Dental Industry Web Design and Marketing

Andrew has over 15 years of experience with digital marketing and has worked extensively in the health care sector. He completed his Masters degree in business administration in 2008. His thesis was on strategic digital marketing. He has worked as a marketing consultant and with a variety of different digital marketing agencies for the past 8 years.

Clint Saxton

Clint Saxton

Head Engineer and Software Development Team

President/Solution Architect at i-Tul
Clint Saxton holds more than 25 industry certifications and is the author of several college textbooks and lab manuals published by Course Technology. Over the past 15 years Clint has worked as a developer, designer, system administrator and SEO consultant for companies such as Hewlett Packard and MCI.

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