Sales, Marketing, E-commerce and Distributorship Management

Create strategies and tactics that duplicate your efforts in the field by cultivating customer advocates and distributorship that duplicates your marketing efforts and more.


Gourmet Blends

They are dedicated to bringing you the best balsamic vinegar ever and the most delicious olive oils! Their barrel aged balsamics and infused olive oils are perfect for pairing with your meals.

Our Challenge


Help grow the companies business while also maintaining core sales and marketing efforts of the company on a daily 24/7 basis.

Skills Involved


  • Branding, Business, Sales & Marketing Strategic Planning
  • Sales, consumer and wholesale
  • E-commerce
  • Distributorship services on-line and off-line (in the field)
  • Sales Presentation Preparation
  • Investor Presentation Preparation
  • Production & Creative Services
  • PR & Social Media
  • Events
  • Recipe creation
  • Copy writing and Design
  • Art Direction
  • Photography

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